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Bingo is a game of patience; you need to wait until the last number is called. But Slots is more of a mind game; you need to be very careful while selecting your slots website and gaming provider. How would you determine whether a slots site is good from payouts point of view or not? There is no way to find it out until you do some math, or we must say ‘Advance Maths.’

But you don’t want to ruin your mood and get into complex calculations. The Good thing is that Bingouncle’s expert team is here to help you find out the best payout slots sites.

The best payout slots sites got selected after extensive testing and comprehensive research.

Noughts and Crosses - best slots title for winning PLAY NOW
Foxy Casino

Noughts and Crosses – Best Slot Title for Huge Wins – by Eyecon

I played and tested various games on foxy casino. Here is my observation after spending 5 hours and some real cash on slots titles like Elements, Drive Multiplier Mayhem, Noughts and Crosses, White Wizard, Black Widow, Victorious and Fruit Blast.

1) Elements
– The game is by Netent and I really liked how smoothly it loaded on my 3-year-old laptop.
– I had minimum bet set on 0.20, level -1 and coin value set on 0.01.
– During the game play I got ‘Free Falls’ and got reasonable wins.

2) Drive Multiplier Mayhem

– Had minimum bet set on 0.15 – level 1 and coin value set on .01
– With the above setting I got a few wins.

3) Noughts and Crosses

– The game is brought to you by Eyecon.
– I had stake value set on 0.10 and good thing is it shows the prize amount upfront.
– You just need to click on reveal prize and then reveal all. That’s how it works.
I got very huge winnings on this game. This is the best among all.

4) White Wizard

– Selected 100 lines (max) and £1 per bet
Had poor wins.

5) Black Widow
– Brought to you by Pariplay
– Had a few spins, not a single win.

6) Victorious

– The game is brought to you by Netent games
Not had a single win.

7) Fruit Blast
– The game is very interesting to play, you unlock bartenders and much more.
Not worth win wise, but if you are looking for entertainment then highly recommended.

PLAY NOW *T&C's apply, new players only, 18+, pls gamble responsibly
best payout slot - spinner takes all PLAY NOW

Spinner takes all – Best Payout Slot

Ladbrokes has a great selection of slots and casino games. We picked ‘Virtual Horses’, ‘Virtual Dogs’ and ‘Spinner takes all slots’ title to check the probability of winning.

Out of these 3 we had little luck with Virtual Horses and Virtual Dogs. The way these games are programmed are very complicated. Our calculations didn’t work on the first two games. But we had made some good amount of money on the ‘Spinner takes all Slots’.

Here is the trick that worked for us. I suggest you to follow the same approach while playing ‘Spinner takes all Slots’. Now please read carefully: –

1) Lines selected – 30, Stake per line £0.10.
2) Click on Auto Play
3) Total Stake should be £0.30 and number of games 5.
4) Loss Limit should be half of the total stake amount. For example, if total bet is of £3.00 then loss limit shouldn’t be more than £1.50.
5) Single Win Limit – Choose No Limit as you don’t want to CAP your winning amount.
6) Now tick the green box and spin.

After couple of spins we got BUZZ PRIZE WHEEL which got us more winnings. We got 5 free spins where we made over £97.94. So idea is to start small and gradually increase it only after getting couple of wins.

Game is available to play on Mobile and Tablet.

Deposit £10 to play now.

PLAY NOW *T&C's apply, new players only, 18+, pls gamble responsibly
best payout slots site PLAY NOW
Moon Games

Best Payout Slots Site – 90% Withdrawal rate

Moon Games is very popular among hardcore slots players. The reason is very simple; site comes from a very trusted source Dragonfish. Moon Games has embedded some high paying slots games like Temple of ISLS, Sugar Train and Elements Awakening.

Slots Title that Pays the Best – Powered by Popular NetEnt Games

We tested few slots but liked “Elements the awakening” very much. The probability of winning on this Slots title is very high, and the payout is great. You can expect a win after every five spins.

However, initially, you need to keep coin value as low as possible. Also, make sure you start with level 1 and gradually increase it. Another good tip to win and minimise the risk of losing bets is to raise the stakes and level only after 5 or 6 spins.

Moon Games Withdrawal Percentage

The Withdrawal rate on Moon Games is 90 percent. As playing with cash will not attract any wagering until you use bonus funds to play the games.

If you are looking for a trustworthy site, variety of games and fast payouts, then Moon Games would be the right choice.

Make your first deposit of £10 now.

PLAY NOW *T&C's apply, new players only, 18+, pls gamble responsibly

Over the past few years, online bingo operators have made a concerted effort to provide their members with an extensive selection of games. We’re not just talking about five-line and themed bingo games like Deal or No Deal, but rather casino games and slots.

As the go-to place for bingo fans, Bingo Uncle has extensively researched the potentially lucrative world of online slot games so that we can tell you where to find the best payout slots on the net.

Even if you’ve never played a slot game in your life, there are several reasons why it’s a good idea to do so. They offer you plentiful chances to win big, include special features that are entertaining and can enhance your winning potential, and are an excellent option for times when you’re bingo-ed out.

However, when it comes to getting the best payouts, there are several things you need to be aware of, which we’ll go on to explain in this Best Payout Slots Guide.

How RTPs factor into best payout slots

All good slots and casino games should have what’s referred to in the industry as an RTP. RTP stands for Theoretical Return to Player, which basically means the percentage of the money you spend on a game that you’ll be paid back over time. Some slot games advertise their RTPs but not all of them. So, if you want to find the best payout slots, it’s a good idea to look at the rules and/or paytable of each game prior to playing, read independent game reviews, or check whether the casino or bingo site lists the RTPs of its games.

As a rule of thumb, Bingo Uncle considers a good RTP is at least 94%.

How RNGs can affect the payout of a game

Casino and bingo sites offering membership to UK players are required by law to use RNGs. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and it’s a type of software that randomly generates the outcome of a game. So, for example, if you are playing a slot, the RNG decides which symbols appear on the reels when they stop spinning, or in a game of blackjack, the RNG randomly picks which cards the game deals to your hand. Using RNGs helps to ensure that the outcome of the games are fair, and the easiest way to see if your favourite online slots sites use an RNG is by looking for a link titled “Fair Play Policy” or the presence of the eCOGRA logo on the homepage.

Payout policies

Most UK bingo operators have a payout or withdrawal policy which is referred to in their terms and conditions. While the small print may seem time-consuming and boring to read, it’s important that you do so if you want to request a payout after a win.

If you win on slots while playing with bonus funds, you may find that you’re ineligible to withdraw any winnings, that winnings are capped at a fixed amount, or that you need to wager the amount of your bonus a specific number of times prior to making a withdrawal. Even if you’re playing slot games with real money, payout policies can catch you out if you’ve not read the Ts and Cs. For example, most bingo sites allow you to withdraw a maximum amount per day, per week, and per month, and with particularly large wins, some operators will only pay you the total sum spread over several monthly payments rather than giving you the full amount in one go. N.B., this often applies to progressive jackpot slot wins.

Tips on getting the best payouts

When it comes to playing slot games, you’ll find some players believe that winning is all down to luck while others think certain strategies can influence the outcome. When Random Number Generators are involved, it’s easy to say that only the slots themselves can determine whether you win or lose. However, it’s also true that you can push the odds slightly in your favour by adhering to some golden rules, provided they don’t mean you spend more than you can afford.

Many online slots use paylines on which you can create winning combinations. With some games, the number of paylines is fixed (i.e. you can’t alter them), but others allow you to choose how many to enable. It might seem a bargain to play a game with just one payline activated for a few pennies; however, this limits the chances of you winning. So, we advise that you play with all paylines enabled, and if you’re worried about spending too much, simply lower the size of your bet to make it affordable.

You should also take the game’s RTP into consideration. If it’s only 70%, it would be better to spend your time and money on a slot with a higher RTP.

The Bingo Uncle team also recommends that you start out playing the most basic slots. By this, we mean three-reel games or ones that don’t include complex special features. Once you better understand how they work, including how paylines award prizes, you can raise the value of your stake to play for bigger returns, and start moving onto slots that use more advanced features.

Responsible gambling

In your mission to discover the best payout slots, it’s important not to lose sight of the real world. Winning is a great feeling, but losing isn’t, and if you feel the compulsion to chase a loss, you should walk away. Make sure you decide on a budget before playing and stick to it. You should also set yourself a time limit to prevent yourself getting carried away (time flies when you’re having fun!). If you ever start to worry you may be addicted to gambling, you should seek help straight away from an organisation such as Gamcare, and ask the bingo operator to lower your deposit limits or disable your account completely.

Our recommendations for the best payout slots

On this page, we’ve listed a number of bingo operators that offer their members excellent payouts. We update this list regularly so that our readers are constantly kept informed of which sites are best to play at. Take a look now, and with a bit of luck, you’ll soon be on your way to an impressive win!

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