Spinner takes all – Best Payout Slot

Spinner takes all – Best Payout Slot

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Spinner takes all – Best Payout Slot

Ladbrokes has a great selection of slots and casino games. We picked ‘Virtual Horses’, ‘Virtual Dogs’ and ‘Spinner takes all slots’ title to check the probability of winning.

Out of these 3 we had little luck with Virtual Horses and Virtual Dogs. The way these games are programmed are very complicated. Our calculations didn’t work on the first two games. But we had made some good amount of money on the ‘Spinner takes all Slots’.

Here is the trick that worked for us. I suggest you to follow the same approach while playing ‘Spinner takes all Slots’. Now please read carefully: –

1) Lines selected – 30, Stake per line £0.10.
2) Click on Auto Play
3) Total Stake should be £0.30 and number of games 5.
4) Loss Limit should be half of the total stake amount. For example, if total bet is of £3.00 then loss limit shouldn’t be more than £1.50.
5) Single Win Limit – Choose No Limit as you don’t want to CAP your winning amount.
6) Now tick the green box and spin.

After couple of spins we got BUZZ PRIZE WHEEL which got us more winnings. We got 5 free spins where we made over £97.94. So idea is to start small and gradually increase it only after getting couple of wins.

Game is available to play on Mobile and Tablet.

Deposit £10 to play now.