Clover Rollover

You can enjoy a range of progressive jackpot slot games at bingo sites on the Virtue Fusion (Playtech) network, as well as Playtech-powered online casinos. And, one of the most famous of them is an Irish-themed online slot called Clover Rollover.

What makes Clover Rollover such a special slot is its ability to charm both new and seasoned players with its upbeat theme, effortless gameplay, and potential to pay out a gigantic jackpot prize.

You can play the game for as little as 10p (N.B., if only one of the five paylines is active) or up to £25 per spin depending on your budget and preference.

Plus, as well as the awe-inspiring progressive jackpot, this popular Playtech online slot boasts a top prize of ten thousand times your bet!

When you pay a virtual visit to the Emerald Isle, each spin that you along with other players on the same network contributes a percentage towards the jackpot total. This process allows the pot to continue growing in size until one lucky player comes along and claims it. Often, the jackpot can reach millions of pounds, so if you’ve yet to play the game, why not give it a try?

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Ireland is, of course, the setting for Playtech’s Clover Rollover online slot, and the game’s title comes courtesy of the good luck symbol, the four-leaf clover plus the fact that the jackpot keeps rolling over (and, therefore, growing) with each stake that’s placed on it.

The slot’s background is formed of a lush green meadow full of four-leaf clovers, and a lucky clover is also included in the game’s logo.

The clover is one of the many paytable symbols that can help you win hot cash prizes, and it’s joined by a Celtic cross, a barmaid with red hair who’s pulling a pint, a leprechaun’s hat, a pot of gold underneath a rainbow, two pints of freshly-poured Irish stout, and three playing card symbols (N.B., Q, K, and A).

At the top of the screen, you can see exactly how much the jackpot is currently worth and, if you’re anything like us, you will be transfixed as it climbs steadily upwards every few seconds.

If you’re looking for the game controls, you’ll find them all beneath the reels.

On the far-left, you can alter how many paylines are in play by using the plus and minus buttons to adjust them to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. If possible, it’s best to take advantage of all five as doing so gives you the maximum chances of winning prizes.

You can adjust your stake in the same way, and you can opt to play with £0.10, £0.20, £0.30, £0.50, £0.75, £1.00, £1.50, £2.00, £3.00, £4.00 or £5.00 on each spin.

The AutoPlay box lets you configure Clover Rollover so that it spins the reels automatically between 1 and 100 times. But, before you can set Auto Play in motion, you must first select stop limits for losses and wins. E.g. stop on a win of £25 or stop on a loss of £500.

The paytable is accessed via the button marked “Pay Table” on the far right while the paylines are represented by the numbers down each side of the reel set.

The game pays you prizes for creating wins from left to right across the reels, starting with the first reel.

Wild Symbol

Clover Rollover doesn’t use a wild symbol.

Scatter Symbol

There is no scatter symbol used in the Clover Rollover online slot.

Bonus Round

Although Clover Rollover doesn’t boast any special bonus games, it has one very attractive features that many online slot games do not – a progressive jackpot.

To claim the jackpot, you need five shamrocks to appear across an active payline. However, it’s worth knowing that the amount that’s awarded to any player who’s lucky enough to land this winning combination depends on the amount that they have staked per payline.

If you’re playing with:

  • 10p per line, you’re awarded 2% of the pot;
  • 20p per line, you’re awarded 4% of the pot;
  • 30p per line, you’re awarded 6% of the pot;
  • 50p per line, you’re awarded 10% of the pot;
  • 75p per line, you’re awarded 15% of the pot;