Fruit Blast

We’d totally understand if you were expecting Fruit Blast to be a classic online slot as its name sounds quite similar to that of fruit machine-inspired titles like Fruit Fiesta and Jackpot Cherries. However, it’s actually not an online slot at all. Instead, it’s a skill-based game that requires you to pick from a selection of symbols on a grid to try and find matching ones that can form winning clusters.

The creator of Fruit Blast is a company called Skillzz Gaming, which is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. It’s relatively new to the online casino and bingo scene, and has been making innovative titles since being formed in 2014. It classifies its releases as casual games, and you may have already enjoyed playing some of them such as Mega Money Rush and Gems Odyssey.

You should find that Fruit Blast is delightfully unconventional if you’re used to playing online slot games. It uses a grid rather than reels and features no paylines. But, that’s not to say that there aren’t some mouth-watering prizes up for grabs. In fact, you can win as much as one thousand times your bet for as little as 60p per game!

To make the playing experience even more exciting, Skillzz Gaming has included a symbol drop-style feature that allows you to potentially create back-to-back wins. And, thanks to the meters at the right-hand side of the screen, you can win stake multipliers each time that a cluster is formed.

You also gain achievements which are saved for future playing sessions, and the stars that you collect by completing achievements help to increase your level. Each level (from 2 upwards) offers a reward such as a Pick-Me Bonus, instant wins, free games, and multipliers.


The setting for Fruit Blast is a beachside bar, and through its back window, you can see a luxury cruise ship docking. A cheerful bartender standing next to a cocktail-making machine waits to serve you, and every now and then, she moves to brush the hair from her face or wave you towards her.

Underneath the palm tree on the left-hand side, there’s an area that contains five fruit meters. The different fruits are accompanied by various multiplier values. For example, the cherries offer 0.5 while the watermelon offers x5.

The player controls are situated on the far right. The spanner icon allows you to mute the music and sound effects and look at the paytable and rules. The trophy icon shows you how many achievements you’ve reached so far while the person icon contains all of the bartenders that you’ve successfully unlocked while playing.

You can set your stake size by clicking on the “Set Bet” button, and the choices that you have are 60p, £1, £1.40, £2, £3, £4, £5, £7, £10, £20, £50, and £100.

Once you’re ready to get started, simply click on the big green “Play” button in the centre of the screen. This loads a five-by-five grid which is automatically populated with a variety of fruit symbols, including cherries, lemons, watermelons, grapes, and pineapples.

To play, you must tap on clusters of three or more matching fruit tiles, and each win helps to increase the level of the respective fruit’s meter on the left. Once a cluster is picked, the winning symbols are removed from the grid, allowing new ones to fall down and take their place and potentially create another winning cluster. However, you only receive a cash prize when one of the fruit meters is filled. But the more bars that you fill, the more money you receive! Plus, you can fill each meter multiple times in the same game.

Wild Symbol

Fruit Blast does not use a wild symbol.

Scatter Symbol

No scatter symbol is used in Fruit Blast as it’s not an online slot.

Bonus Round

Although Skillzz Gaming haven’t included a traditional bonus round in Fruit Blast, there are still many special features to enjoy. For example, blasting a cluster of jackpot tiles gets you one thousand times your total bet while blasting a cluster of bonus tiles (N.B., there are eight different types) initiates a unique bonus feature.

Fruit Blast also allows for player progression. Each fruit tile that’s removed during a game awards a star, and completing achievements gets you extra stars.

You achieve new levels by earning stars, and each level gets you access to a new bartender. Each level unlocks a particular bonus feature such as the Hawaiian Shake (Level 2), Dance Nights (Level 5), Pick and Win (Level 9), Goth a Fruit? (Level 12), Happy Hour (Level 15), Side Dish (Level 19), Double Shake (Level 22), and Pick and Win II (Level 25). Some bonus features offer pick-me games where you can win cash rewards and multipliers while others grant you free games, guaranteed wins, and instant wins.

Reels: N/A

Paylines: N/A

Min Bet: 0.60p

Max Bet: £100

Progressive JP: No

RTP:  94.02% to 96.12%