The Chase Fun Drops

If you’re a fan of the TV quiz show, The Chase, make sure you head down to Gala Bingo where you can exclusively play The Chase Fun Drops by CR Games.

As proud sponsors of the quiz show, Gala Bingo signed an agreement with the show’s producers in 2016 to create an exclusive series of The Chase-themed games for its players, including a daily quiz, a scratch card, a 90-ball bingo game with a fun Chase twist, an online slot, and a casual game

The Chase Fun Drops is a casual game rather than an online slot, although it does look a little like a five-reel online slot if you’re unfamiliar with it.

When you load the game, you’re put straight in the hot seat as questions like “Will you build a good cash pot?” and “Can you win against the Chasers?” flash up on the screen.

It’s a simple game to play, and all of your favourite Chasers are included such as The Governess (Anne Hegerty), The Dark Destroyer (Shaun Wallace), The Beast (Mark Labbett), The Vixen (Jenny Ryan) and The Sinnerman (Paul Sinha).

The TV quiz, which is fronted by Bradley Walsh, invites four contestants to take on a randomly chosen Chaser one-by-one in the hopes of winning a cash prize. Luckily, in The Chase Fun Drops by CR Games, there’s no live studio audience to make you break out in a cold sweat nor that nail-biting moment when the quizmaster asks a question and your mind goes blank.

Instead, you merely need to match five or more symbols to win a drop. And, if you manage to complete the trail with three winning drops, you get to face one of the five Chasers in a game of The Chase.

You can play The Chase Fun Drops for just 10p or up to £20, and the top prize that you’ll be playing for is an extremely impressive ten thousand times your bet!


The Chase Fun Drops uses a five-by-five grid, which features the five Chasers and the letter “C” as the main symbols.

The Drop Meter, which forms part of the bonus feature, can be seen on the left while the user controls sit on the right-hand side.

You can adjust the size of your stake while playing The Chase Fun Drops by clicking the up and down arrows next to “Total Bet”, read the rules by clicking the “Info” button, and see the various prizes that are available by clicking the “Paytable” button.

Wild Symbol

As The Chase Fun Drops is not an online slot, it does not use a wild symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The Chase Fun Drops does not feature a scatter or bonus symbol.

Bonus Round

Pressing the Play button begins the first drop, upon which, symbols automatically populate the five-by-five grid on the screen. You win prizes by getting five or more identical symbols (N.B., which are connected horizontally, vertically or both horizontally and vertically) in adjacent positions on the grid.

Every time that a win is formed when you’re playing The Chase Fun Drops, the symbols that contribute to the win explode and disappear, allowing more symbols to fall down from the top of the screen to fill any gaps. If further winning combinations are then formed, the symbols explode again, and new ones take their places. The game ends when no more winning combinations can be made.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see the Drop Trail, and with each drop, an indicator on the Drop Trail becomes illuminated. When all three sections of the trail are lit up, the Drop Trail is completed and The Chase feature is triggered.

At the beginning of The Chase feature where you get to go head-to-head with one of the five Chasers, a random cash amount is added to the Team Cash Pot. The chosen Chaser then offers you three different cash amounts, and the one that you pick determines your starting position on the board.

If you opt for the highest offer, you start the round one step nearer to The Chaser while choosing the lowest offer lets you begin the round one step further away and, therefore, nearer safety.

The feature works by populating the positions on the grid with Chaser and Player symbols. If more Chaser than Player symbols remain after the drop, the Chaser moves down the board by one position. If more Player than Chaser symbols remain after the drop, the Player moves down one position on the board.

With each move, a new set of Player and Chaser symbols are added to the grid. If the Player (i.e. you) reaches the bottom of the board first, they get the amount shown in the Team Cash Pot, but if the Chaser catches up with the Player, the selected cash offer is lost.

Reels: N/A

Paylines: N/A

Min Bet: 0.10p

Max Bet: £20.00

Progressive JP: No

RTP:  94.00%